Corrected entry: In the scene where The Jewels and Roland arrive on the first day of school and Cassandra pulls up, Cassandra and Hilary Faye have a few words before Cassandra leaves. Hilary Faye then goes to the back of the car and sees the bumper sticker. She says "Oh My God". Since her character is portrayed as a very devout Christian, it is implied that her character wouldn't make the mistake of 'taking God's name in vain'.

Correction: If anything, this is a character mistake. Many devout Christians have been heard to say this and worse.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: There's no reason why a wheelchair-bound boy should wear a sweat suit during school sport. He isn't taking part, so he could just have kept on his usual clothes. Changing his clothes just to "fit in" wouldn't make much sense as it takes some time, if not assistance, for a paraplegic to get changed; apart from that, Roland isn't the type of guy who wishes to fit in.


Correction: No, but bullying him into changing his clothes so that she could feel like she was helping him to fit in, is exactly the kind of thing Hilary Faye would do.

Corrected entry: When Patrick and Mary sneak into a storage room at the mall, Mary is carrying at most one bag. But when she hurries out of the storage room a few shots later, Patrick hands her a bunch of bags she almost forgot.

Correction: Actually, if you listen, Patrick says Hilary Faye was helping him shop for last minute gifts. The bag he gives to Mary was his Christmas gift for her.

Corrected entry: As Mary is close to graduation (and her 18th birthday, if I remember right) when her pregnancy is discovered, then there is no way her mom could send her to Mercy House. She's 18, so her mom has no legal control over her.

Correction: Her mom was going to send her to Mercy House during her pregnancy, not after. She has the baby right after her 18th birthday, (approximately two days). So Mary was actually 17 when she could have been sent to Mercy House.

Corrected entry: If Mary and Dean "work diligently all summer" on his "de-gayification", as they say, it doesn't make sense that she would be due on June 19th. She calls to tell him about it while he is at Mercy House, around Halloween. She would have to have been pregnant for a while by October if they had sex during the summer, yet she gives birth in June. That's longer than 9 months. I realize that her having the baby at prom is crucial, but it doesn't make sense in terms of chronological reality.

Correction: Well, they obviously had sex towards the end of the summer if they spent all summer working on the "de-gayification", so if they had sex towards the end of August right before school started, and then Mary gave birth at the beginning of June, the baby's only a week or so late.

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the mall around Christmas, Cassandra moves her necklace to the side, under her collar. But with each shot it changes from either in front or under her collar. This happens again at the end before Cassandra, Roland, Patrick and Mary go to prom.

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Pastor Skip: I think the Christian thing to do would be to let them stay.
Hilary Faye: The Christian thing to do? I have been doing the CHRISTIAN THING my whole life! I did not have sex with a gay and try to blame it on Jesus!
Mary: Hilary Faye...
Hilary Faye: Oh, shut up, you fornicator!

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Trivia: According to director Brian Dannelly, several fundamentalists working on the film quit. A church, a Christian rock band and the homeowner whose house was to be used for important scenes pulled out of productions because of objections over the film's unflattering content.

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