Clifford (1994)

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Plot hole: How does Clifford, a ten-year-old boy, manage to steal a stereo, a surfboard and a dog from the airport without being caught?


Plot hole: Considering that he intentionally committed several serious crimes, including a hijacking and attempted manslaughter, why is Clifford simply let off after forcing the plane to land in L.A.?


Continuity mistake: When Clifford (Martin Short) and Uncle Martin are talking about Clifford's prank at the gas station, the entire thing is being recorded by a taping device in the room. Uncle Martin says. "I'm gonna punish you, and that means Dinosaur World is out." And Clifford responds with, "I don't understand." However, when Clifford later comes up with an idea to use the tape recording in another one of his schemes, we again hear Uncle Martin say ".punish you, and that means Dinosaur World is out." BUT we hear Clifford respond with "That would be a mistake." Judging that this is a recording of the previous conversation, I don't see why Clifford should be saying something completely different than what he was saying before.

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Continuity mistake: Towards the end, Charles Grodin gets out of a cab in the rain and goes across the street, but in the next shot his hair is completely dry.


Revealing mistake: Forced perspective techniques are used to make Martin Short appear to be a ten-year old in the movie. This occasionally fails, most notably when Clifford gets out of Uncle Martin's car, and he is walking down the airport aisle. In these scenes, he appears to be six feet tall.

Plot hole: Where did Clifford get the explosives to blow up Uncle Martin's model?

Continuity mistake: The necklace given to Sarah by her boss changes lenghth significantly many times throughout the film.

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Plot hole: Clifford has been in L.A. for two days, yet he manages to find teens who throw a party for him in just a few hours.

Martin Daniels: If you even look at me wrong. If you do one thing that I find weird, which is, you know, like, your middle name... See? You're doing it right now. Can you just act like a human boy for one minute here? Look at me like a person! You can't do it for more than a few seconds. Look at me like a human boy.

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Question: I remember watching this movie a long time ago and seeing a scene where Clifford gets a walkman after pretending he's deaf and a scene where Clifford and Uncle Martin are out driving looking for "Sneakers", the dog Clifford stole from the airport. I watched this movie many times after that and have never seen these two scenes again. Does anyone know the whereabouts of these scenes or any other information about them?

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Chosen answer: There were scenes that were edited into the television edition of the movie, but weren't included in the VHS or DVD edition, and this was one of them. Reference:

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