Summer Rental

Corrected entry: When the Gardener family comes to the house in the middle of night, Jack Chester realizes that he has the wrong house. He thought he was at 415 Road but the house was actually 415 Beach Lane. Honest mistake, but how did the Chester family get into the house since they didn't have the keys? (00:20:45 - 00:21:30)

Correction: The keys are in the mailbox of the Gardener House. This is even said by John Candy, "Keys are in the mailbox just like he said."

Corrected entry: After Jack goes out drinking with Scully, he wakes up with his right ear pierced. During the regatta, he is shown having his left ear pierced. (00:49:45 - 01:15:40)

Correction: The earring changes ears because it's most likely a clip on. In many scenes I don't even see the earring.

Corrected entry: In the scene where John Candy's next door neighbor invites him over for lemonade and ends up showing him her new boobs, when he goes over to her place he is only using one crutch. A few seconds later, we see him returning to his place using both crutches.

Correction: No. When he goes over to her place he IS using two crutches, but both crutches are under his left arm. Insted of one being under each arm.

Jack: Get the hell out of here now.
Fat Man: You get out of here fella. I'm trying to watch the Smurfs.
Jack: You're trying to watch the Smurfs?
Fat Man: Yeah.
Jack: Did you see the one where Papa Smurf took a crutch and smashed the shit out of a guy with a red hat? Did you see that one? You want to see that one? (Fat Man runs away).

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Trivia: In the scene at the beginning of the regatta race, on the Barnacle, the shot changes to Laurie asking Sandy: "Mommy can I play in the basement with Yorku"? The voice however is not of Laurie, but instead is Jennifer making a young child voice.Source: (01:14:40)

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