Summer Rental

Trivia: In the scene at the beginning of the regatta race, on the Barnacle, the shot changes to Laurie asking Sandy: "Mommy can I play in the basement with Yorku"? The voice however is not of Laurie, but instead is Jennifer making a young child voice.Source: (01:14:40)


Trivia: When Jennifer Chester and Gregg Moore are listening to their radio headsets in the theater lobby, the song Footloose is playing as they are next to the Footloose movie poster. Both films had cinematography done by Ric Waite and both were distributed by Paramount Pictures. (Moore is also the last name of the Reverend in Footloose).


Trivia: All the movie posters seen at the theater are distributed by Paramount Pictures; Top Secret!, Uncommon Valor, and Footloose.


Jack: Get the hell out of here now.
Fat Man: You get out of here fella. I'm trying to watch the Smurfs.
Jack: You're trying to watch the Smurfs?
Fat Man: Yeah.
Jack: Did you see the one where Papa Smurf took a crutch and smashed the shit out of a guy with a red hat? Did you see that one? You want to see that one? (Fat Man runs away).

Jack Chester: Can you tread water with that hook?

Jack Chester: I love you Scully. That's not the booze talkin' either.

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