Shadow of a Doubt

When the police assume that they have caught the 'Merry Widow Murderer', Uncle Charlie decides to go back home for a while. On the train, young Charlie (who still suspects that her uncle is the real 'Merry Widow Murderer) & her siblings go on board to see Uncle Charle's room/cabin, but as the kids leave, Uncle Charlie grabs young Charlie and tries to throw her off the train. But young Charlie moves out of the way and pushes uncle Charlie off the train, who is then killed when another train going the opposite direction crushs him.

Big Evil

Visible crew/equipment: In the pull-back shot from "Young" Charlie while she's in the library, the shadow of the camera is visible on her back.

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Herbie Hawkins: Well, if I was gonna kill you, I wouldn't do a dumb thing like hitting you on the head. First of all, I don't like the fingerprint angle. Of course, I could always wear gloves. Press your hands against the pipe after you were dead and make you look like a suicide. Except it don't seem hardly likely that you'd beat yourself to death with a club. I'd murder you so it didn't look like murder.

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Trivia: Hitchcock's cameo comes relatively early in the film - he is playing bridge with a man and a woman on the train to Santa Rosa.

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