The Day After Tomorrow

Factual error: It is not feasible for a flood to stop the flow of warm air for the northern hemisphere and make it as cold as it did in the movie. The air moves far too fast for anything to stop the flow of warm air in the northern hemisphere.

Character mistake: The news reporter says that people are fleeing in the wake of the storm, meaning after the storm, not before the storm, which is what she should have said.


Factual error: When the big wave comes, it's hitting New York harbor and the Statue of Liberty from the west. Possible I guess but unlikely due to the fact that the harbor just starts there; the west side of the harbor isn't the ocean side, it's New Jersey. Later, the people are standing in front of the library, which faces east and the wave is coming right at them. Then they show an overhead shot of the water overtaking the city and its coming from the south.

Other mistake: At the beginning of the film, where Jack falls into the crevice, he's got nothing in his hands. In the next shot, you see he's clinging to the side of the crevice with an ice pick that has mysteriously appeared in his right hand.

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Suggested correction: He probably had it hanging from a belt or something seeing as where he is he probably has a tool belt of things just in case something like that happens. He probably just grabbed it from the side you couldn't see.

There was nothing resembling an ice pick hanging from his belt before he fell.

Vice President Becker: I don't accept that abandoning half of the country is necessary!
Tom Gomez: Maybe if you'd listened to him sooner, it wouldn't be.
Vice President Becker: Bullshit! It's easy for him to suggest this plan. He's safely here in Washington.
Tom Gomez: His son is in Manhattan. I just thought you should know that before you start questioning his motives.

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Trivia: Before the film was released, N.A.S.A. sent a memo out to all of its employees stating that they were not allowed to comment on the likelihood of the events portrayed in this movie.

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