Mean Girls

Other mistake: When Ms Norbury passes back the failing grade on the math tests and states she needs it signed by her parents, the test states it's the "Limits Test" but the test is on convergence and divergence of infinite series.

Ian Mugford

Other mistake: When the girls are going wild, the two Vietnamese girls, who made out with Coach Carr, fight and argue. There is a subtitled translation at the bottom of the screen and one of the girls' lines is translated as "Your the slut." This should have read, "You're the slut."

Other mistake: The word Artist is spelled "Artitst" on the senior artist credit.

Ian Mugford

Other mistake: When Cady gets back her test (the one scored with a 98) from Ms. Norbury, the date on the test is October 14th, 2003. However, that scene is set after winter break. (00:45:30)


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