Mean Girls

Regina uses her burn book to get her "friends" into trouble at school, then throws around xeroxed pages of the book around the hallways, leading to a massive catfight of everyone at school. The principal sees this, and has all the junior girls go to the gym to have a re-edcuation. It's here that they they apologize to the each other for something they may have said about them. Janis gets up onto the stage and tells Regina that she's sorry she had Cady pretend to be her friend, so that they could ruin her life by making her friends hate her, making her a big fat-ass and having her boyfriend break up with her. Regina then runs out of school, while Cady follows her trying to say she's sorry, and they have a big argument in the middle of the street before Regina is hit by a school bus. Cady participates in a math contest against another school and her school wins. She heads back to school with the math team and Ms. Norbuty and Cady ends up becoming the Spring Fling queen. She apologizes to everyone about the burn book and gives a speech about how everyone is equal and that winning a crown at a school dance is no big deal. Cady gives pieces of the crown to different girls. The following school year, Janis hooks up with the captain of the math team and The Plastics break up. Regina's injuries have healed and she channels her rage by playing sports, Gretchen starts hanging out with the two girls who slept with the gym teacher and Karen uses her breast "talents" as a weather reporter. Cady and her friend Damian spot some junior Plastics at school and Cady imagines them being run over by a school bus.


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