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Corrected entry: When Cady is at the math competition, she remembers the limits written on the blackboard behind Aaron's head. However, he was blocking the board and her attention was primarily focused on him, so she wouldn't be able to see what was behind him and therefore be able to picture it.


Correction: Well since she was able to pass calculus, she obviously looked at the board at least once, hence knowing what it looked like.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: When Mr. Duvall calls all the junior girls to the gym, he says, "I have parents calling the school asking, 'Did someone get shot?'" But how would they even know about what was going on with the girls fighting? Even if they had parked outside waiting for dismissal (like Mrs. George did), there is no indication of any chaos until Cady and Regina burst out of the doors fighting, which is no cause for alarm.

Correction: Almost all of the kids have cell phones and one young lad is shown calling his mom and saying he's scared.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: After the principal pulls the fire alarm and the sprinklers go off, the girls all get wet. They are told to go directly to the gym, but when they go into the gym they're all dry.

Correction: Actually, if you look closely, you can see dark patches on Cady's shirt underneath her hair. This would suggest that her hair had recently been wet enough to create these splotches. Also Cady's hair looks damp. This is seen when she walks into the gym and everyone is staring at her.

Corrected entry: When Cady bumps Ms. Norbury on the first day of school, if you go frame-by-frame, you can see that Norbury spills the drink away from herself. It's only in the next shot that the cup turns toward her. (00:02:45)


Correction: If you have to go frame by frame, it's not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: After the "Jingle Bell Rock" performance, the Plastics are standing together side-stage when Kevin G. comments to Cady "Good job, Africa." As Cady looks at him her Santa hat is almost down over her eyes, but the very next shot of her shows it pushed back up on her head perfectly.

Vanessa Moman

Correction: The camera is away from her for a short moment so it's possible she quickly pushed it back up.

Corrected entry: When the girls are outside of Regina's house Gretchen tells Cady to check out Regina's mom's boob job. As Gretchen walks away you hear "they're hard as rocks" but neither Gretchen's mouth nor jaw is moving.

Correction: Gretchen's face isn't visible in the shot in question, therefore, it isn't possible to tell if her mouth is moving.


Corrected entry: When Cady comes out of the bathroom at her party to talk to Aaron, she puts a cup down on top of a stack of CD's. In the next shot the cup has moved considerably.

Correction: I found this on the mistakes page for this film. "When the main character is confronted by her crush in her room, she puts her drink on a pile of CDs, the CD pile starts to fall in the background as there is a shot of the guy, a split second later the cup is on the table next to the CDs, and the CDs are piled differently." Please check for repeats before submitting.


Corrected entry: Wouldn't someone recognize Regina's handwriting? Surely at least a teacher would recognize Regina's handwriting after a whole year, or a student would recognize it.

Correction: Regina's handwriting wasn't so distinct that someone would instantly recognise it. The color or the style wasn't something that would immediately alert them to it being Regina. A teacher may recognise it, but with the large number of students unless they were paying special attention to everyone's individual style, then there is no way to say with certainity someone would have been able to tell it was Regina's.

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Corrected entry: When Cady is in the mall with the plastics, one of the girls decides to play a trick on another girl by calling the girl's mother and pretending to have her pregnancy test results. The mother immediately faints. A moment later, however, the girl receives a call from her mother.

Correction: It is possible to only faint for a little while. I passed out once, hit the floor, thenn woke up a second or two later.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Cady and the other two girls are in the principal's office, the big female teacher comes in and says that the girls have gone wild. The principal goes out to look and you will see a girl in a red shirt to the left of him just as he walks in and you she is doing one of the fakest fights with another girl I have ever seen. (01:07:35)


Correction: No, actually, they are just lazy, and you can see that they are crying, and hitting each other with a metal bat, beat that. They're just being girl, softly cat-fighting.

Corrected entry: On the first day of school, Cady has a class with Janice and Damien and Ms. Norberry is the teacher. Throughout the rest of the movie, Ms. Norberry is Cady's math teacher in a different classroom and Janice and Damien aren't in the class.

Correction: Cady has homeroom with Janice and Damien. Ms. Norberry is also Cady's math teacher. In American schools, homeroom is a short non-instructional period before actual classes start for administrative purposes, roll-taking, announcements, etc. During the rest of the day, the teacher teaches a subject and a student in her homeroom might be in her class.


Corrected entry: When Cady is in her athlete's uniform, her hair is poker straight in a pony tail; afterwards when she goes to the Spring Fling she's still in her uniform (suggesting she hasn't gone home to change) yet her hair is perfectly curled.

Correction: Her hair isn't styled. It is just let down out of the ponytail.


Corrected entry: When Cady comes downstairs for her party, Gretchen and Karen comment on how good she looks in the dress, as if they haven't seen it. Shouldn't they have already seen her in that dress? It's known from earlier in the film that none of the girls would buy a dress without asking your friends if it looks good on you first.

Correction: They would have seen the dress before, but most people don't change their hair and make-up in the fitting room.

Corrected entry: When Cady bumps into Ms. Norbury on her first day of school, coffee is spilled all over the teacher's shirt. However if you look closely, you'll see the VERY deliberate way Ms. Norbury holds the coffee cup, horizontally so that it is still spilling, instead of picking it up right after it falls against her shirt.

Correction: Actually, I do that, too. Sometimes it's better to let the bad thing happen than try to correct it in a panic and fling coffee all around the room. The shirt's ruined anyway.


Corrected entry: During a half-hour special on sky movies when the film was released, they quoted that the girl with the brown cap on during the brawl in the hallway was Lindsey Lohan. Apparently she wanted to be in the scene, so they had to disguise her as best as they could. She could not be in two places at once. And looking at all the actors and actress in the film, she is the only one who is disguising her face. And the red hair might also be a giveaway. (01:04:40)

keith summers

Correction: Ok, whomever at Sky Movies quoted this was misinformed. Upon closer examination (freeze frama, frame by frame) the girl in the brown cap is NOT Lindsay Lohan. Her name is Randi Lee Butcher. According to the IMDB, she also did stunts in Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen which would explain her looking like Lindsay Lohan. Also why would Lohan want to be in a scene that she is already in? She plays Cady in ALL scenes.


Corrected entry: Gretchen somehow manages to knock over the CD Player on stage at the Winter Talent Show although it is not clear how. They are a lot further back than where the CD player is at the front of the stage but when Regina pushes her around in the right direction she suddenly appears quite a few feet ahead of her and manages to knock it off.

Correction: Are you talking about when she walks over to it and kicks it? She's not standing back away from it, she deliberately walks right up to it and kicks it off the stage.

Corrected entry: The scene where all the girls are fighting in the hallway over what is written in the burn book, the girl with the brown cap on is actually Lindsay Lohan. (01:04:40)

keith summers

Correction: That girl is NOT Lindsay Lohan.


Corrected entry: Rachel McAdams is actually bald in real life so as Regina in the film she is wearing a very-believable blonde wig.

Correction: She is NOT bald. In the commentary, they say that as a JOKE, commenting on how perfect her hair is.


Corrected entry: When Cady, Janis and Damien are trying to get Aaron to catch Regina cheating, Damien steals Cady's purse to get Aaron to follow him. Cady is wearing jeans in this scene, but according to two lines by Gretchen earlier in the film, she shouldn't be. "We only wear jeans or track pants on Fridays" and "Every Thursday, Aaron thinks she's doing SAT prep, but really, she's cheating on him in the projection room above the auditorium." So if it was Thursday, why was Cady wearing jeans?

Correction: It was stated by Gretchen that if anybody wore jeans/track pants on any other day then Friday, they couldn't sit with them at lunch. We never see Cady sitting with the others at the canteen, or even hanging with them. She could have forgot about the rule and not sat with them and maybe even not been able to hang out with them that day.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Cady says, "She's never lived in a world where adults don't trust her," the camera shows a couple of teachers lecturing her. The foreign language teacher is obviously not Spanish, but German. Later when Damian reads her schedule, he says "Health, Spanish."

Correction: She could be taking two languages, there's usually room for and elective in a high school schedule and some people do elect to take two foreign language classes.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Cady is chasing Damien's car and talking to Janis, when Janis says 'he still doesn't want you' two extras in dark clothing walk up a pathway behind Cady. However when the shot cuts back to her, they have totally vanished. Even though they were wearing dark clothing, you'd still be able to have seen them, and there was not enough time between the different shots for them to have walked into the house.

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