Swimming with Sharks

Buddy Ackerman (Kevin Spacey), a big time movie producer on the rise, hires young Guy (Frank Whaley) to be his assistant. Guy thinks he's finally hit the big time. But Buddy has other ideas. He torments Guy with petty requests and daily reamings. Guy decides that he is fed up with Buddy's torture and goes to Buddy's house and ties him up and begins to take his revenge out on Buddy when he finds out that Guy's girlfriend Dawn (Michelle Forbes), a script writer/producer who has "screwed" her way to the top, is going to Buddy's house to discuss her movie project with him (actually to screw Buddy in hopes that he will help her make her movie entitled "Real Life"). As Guy is torturing Buddy, Dawn arrives and ...

Continuity mistake: When Guy and Dawn are in his apartment and Guy is called into the office, he puts his jacket on. His collar goes from being turned up in the back to folded down from shot to shot.

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Buddy: You're happy. I hate that.

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