Swimming with Sharks

Continuity mistake: When Guy and Dawn are in his apartment and Guy is called into the office, he puts his jacket on. His collar goes from being turned up in the back to folded down from shot to shot.


Character mistake: When Guy and his girlfriend are discussing why he loves the movies and how they help him remember important times in his life, Guy makes a reference to the obscure 1979 basketball movie The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, and says how he loved Gabe Kaplan in it. Gabe Kaplan was never in The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, but did star in a different obscure basketball movie from 1979 called Fast Break.

Revealing mistake: While torturing Buddy, Guy puts a CD on and hits play. Clearly the CD display says "DISC" the sign that the CD is invalid or blank, yet the dubbed music begins to play.

Continuity mistake: When Buddy is slowly pouring water in front of Guy when he has to pee, it takes a long time for the glass to get about a third full. It then cuts to Guy for just a second or two, and then back to Buddy, and suddenly the glass is almost completely full.


Character mistake: In the scene where Frank Whaley and his friends are eating in the restaurant he is telling a story about Shelley Winters. He says that she pulled three Oscars that she had won from a bag. Shelley Winters has won only two Oscars. (00:00:55 - 00:02:00)

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