The English Patient

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The English Patient is a tragic love story between a Hungarian map-maker and a newlywed English woman set against the backdrop of WW2 and danger in North Africa and Italy at the time. Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas star as the doomed lovers, Almásy and Katharine, while Colin Firth plays the jilted Geoffrey. Well-acted, somber and at times appropriately painful and wrenching, the story is told through the recollections of a badly-burned Almásy as he struggles to cope with the consequences of that relationship while in a hospital bed attended to by a sympathetic nurse. For those who enjoy war dramas with a sad love story within.

Erik M.

Factual error: After Hardy dies and they're going through his possessions, a football scarf is pulled from his kit bag. The scarf has a Sunderland AFC badge. The film is set in World War II. The badge on the scarf was introduced in the 1970s.

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Almásy: I once traveled with a guide who was taking me to Faya. He didn't speak for nine hours. At the end of it he pointed at the horizon and said, "Faya!" That was a good day.

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Trivia: This is not made entirely clear in the movie but in the book it is nearly seven years before the Count returns to the cave for Katherine's body.


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