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The Fog is about a celebration of the founding fathers of a seaside town that turns fatal when the ghostly residents of a plague ship go after the living relatives in this horror story. A few good scares and gross scenes by John Carpenter and Debra Hill. Revenge never felt so damp and cold.

Erik M.

Continuity mistake: When the windows on Nick's truck are smashed, Elizabeth has protective gloves on when she covers her face from the glass, they are then gone when the truck comes to a halt.

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Kathy Williams: Are you going to give the benediction tonight, father?
Father Malone: Antonio bay has a curse on it.
Sandy Fadel: Do we take that as a "no"?

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Trivia: When Father Malone discovers the journal, at the beginning of the movie, he opens it to a full page of text. We only see it very briefly but if you pause the film it appears to be some sort of joke. Here's a couple of extracts I could make out: "writing dumb shit in this fucking movie.." "...big tits, tatoos (sic)..." (00:06:41)

Jack Vaughan

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Question: Who are the 6 people that died?

Answer: The three men in the boat, at the beginning of the movie, the local radio weatherman Dan, the babysitter Mrs. Kobritz and Father Malone.

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