Jersey Girl

Trivia: Apparently the beginning of the movie, where Oliver's wife dies, is based on a personal fear of Kevin Smith - he was terrified his wife would die while giving birth to their daughter and didn't know how he would survive.

Trivia: The kindergarten girl at the musical night is Harley Quinn Smith, Kevin Smith's daughter.


Trivia: Just a comment:anyone who is a Kevin Smith fan would notice that when Olly is having a talk about masturbation with the video girl He exclaims "Good God .." this is the exact phrase & tone of voice as Holden when talking to Alyssa (about sex) in Chasing Amy

Trivia: Joey Lauren Adams was originally considered to play Gertrude Steiney, but Kevin Smith felt that pairing her and Ben Affleck up again would make the film too similar to "Chasing Amy," so he cast Jennifer Lopez instead.

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