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Corrected entry: The whole reason Gertie was allowed to perform Sweeney Todd was because she caught Ollie and Maya in the shower together, and threatened to tell Pop unless Ollie agreed. However, Pop found out about it later anyway, so Ollie did not have to let her do Sweeney Todd.

Correction: Ollie had already told Gertie she could do it. Ever tried going back on your word to a child? Gertie's not going to think of the repercussions of Pop already knowing, all she's going to remember is Ollie said she could do it. No mistake.


Corrected entry: When Ollie shows up at his daughter's recital, he takes over the part of Sweeney Todd, which his father was going to play. Pop then becomes his next "victim". Since Ollie was not supposed to be there, who would have been the "victim" to Pop's Sweeney Todd?

Correction: They could have gotten someone else to do it that we don't see and they obviously wouldn't play the victem when Ollie shows up and Pop becomes the victim.

Corrected entry: When Ollie has the press conference and Will Smith has not shown up, Gertie is crying offstage. One of the reporters shouts for him to "shut the girl up." How did the reporter know it was a girl? Babies' cries don't sound much different at that age to strangers.

Correction: The reporter could just be guessing or assuming it's a girl because it's stereotypical for girls to cry more than boys.

Corrected entry: When Olly moves back home, he is wearing jeans with a hole in the upper thigh, 7 yrs. later he continues to wear the same jeans with the hole still the same. Usually washing and wearing pants for 7 years would cause a hole to become much larger.

Correction: He could easily be wearing a different pair of jeans that he also ripped. Or he could just not want to wear them very often because of the hole so it wouldn't get bigger. There is no way of telling what the circumstances are.

Corrected entry: Ollie rushes into the kitchen at the Hard Rock Cafe before his press conference and he's running late. He's carrying baby Gertie in her carrier, and someone points out that she has a dirty diaper and needs to be changed. He begins to change her diaper right in the restaurant's kitchen, and no one tells him this is unsanitary and I presume not allowed under Board of Health codes. Even if his staff members don't mention it, the kitchen staff (visible in the scene) surely should have told him he couldn't do that.

Correction: You would be amazed at how unsanitary a restaurant's kitchen can be. Way back in High School, I worked as a short order cook. The days I didn't work, the wait staff advised people to eat from the buffet. The staff would not have appoached the PR agent for Will Smith. Celebrity status causes people to do stupid things. And, just because it might be against Board of Health codes, doesn't mean it cannot happen. Crime is, by definition, illegal and yet crime still happens.


Corrected entry: When Ollie drives up to the Hard Rock Cafe for the press conference, he opens the back door of his car to get baby Gertie. He just picks up her car seat, without unbuckling any seat belt or straps. Of course a real car seat would be latched into place, but that would slow the scene down too much. In a later scene, he's putting the baby and her car seat into the car and again just places it on the back seat without securing it in any way.

Correction: Couldn't this be seen as yet another sign that Ollie is not prepared for fatherhood and the responsibilities of having the child? I think this could be very much a "character error" as opposed to a mistake in the movie.

Corrected entry: This is the only Kevin Smith movie (so far) that makes no mention of Star Wars.

Correction: When Ollie picks Gertie up from school in the street sweeper, she gets in and says "Punch it Chewy". This is clearly a Star Wars reference.


Corrected entry: When Ollie makes it to his daughter's performance, he rips his dress shirt off, breaking the buttons. In the next scene when they're all at The Clamdigger, he's wearing the same dress shirt, and some of the buttons are buttoned up. I don't think Ollie is the type of guy to carry a sewing kit in his car.

Correction: Enough time has passed for all the other people to change out of their costumes and surely it's enough time for Ollie to run home and change his shirt. It's not unheard of to have two dress shirts of the same color.

Corrected entry: Ollie tells Will Smith (portrayed as himself) that he didn't see his last movie, "the one with the robots." If this is a reference to "I, Robot" (which Smith starred in) there is no way Ollie could have seen it. According to the water main work order, this conversation is taking place in November 2003. "I, Robot" was released in Summer 2004.

Correction: True, Ollie couldn't have seen "I,Robot" but in the movie "Wild, Wild West" where Will Smith portrays Jim West, there are robots in that movie.

Factual error: In the scene that takes place in Ollie's office after the death of his wife, he is talking to Arthur Brickman who is sitting in front of a plaque for the band Songs:Ohia's album, "Ghost Tropic." We know that the scene is happening 7 years in the past, because Gertie is a baby. "Ghost Tropic" wasn't released until November of 2000.

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Bart: Sun even shines on a dog's ass some days.
Greenie: You gettin' a dog?

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Trivia: Apparently the beginning of the movie, where Oliver's wife dies, is based on a personal fear of Kevin Smith - he was terrified his wife would die while giving birth to their daughter and didn't know how he would survive.

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