Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Corrected entry: When Luke walks around his X-wing after Yoda raises it out of the water, his jacket is tucked, which it wasn't in the previous shot.

Correction: The whole time Yoda is lifting the x-wing, Luke's shirt is buttoned and tucked in. This never changes. You could point out that Lukes shirt is unbuttoned and untucked when he's sitting down, but when they show him next, it's buttoned and tucked in. But they also show his hands up by his shirt, so it could be implied he buttoned it up and tucked it in, between shots.

Corrected entry: The AT AT'S first scene is where you see them for the first time as four groups and they start firing. However that scene has the AT AT's with red cockpits, but they aren't red ever again. Inside the cockpit, the seats aren't red, the walls aren't red, and the lights aren't red. So the AT AT's red cockpit scene doesnt make sense.


Correction: Actually, only the closest one has a red cockpit, The others are dark. Who's to say that the lights inside the one seen isn't red? Or at one point someone had a red light on, then turned it off later when they showed inside?

Corrected entry: When Luke cuts off Vader's head in the cave on Dagobah, the head rolls to a stop on the ground. The items on the ground next to the head vary from shot to shot between cuts to Luke. First there are sticks on the ground, then those sticks move to make way for the pieces of the broken mask, then the mask pieces disappear and a large branch appears.

Correction: Since the entire scene takes place in Luke's imagination there's hardly a consistency problem.

Corrected entry: At the end of the light sabre duel in Cloud City, Darth Vader says "Come with me, it is the only way" and Luke falls off the platform into space. When Luke falls, you can see Vader lower his left hand down to his side, and in the next scene, he is seen lowering his hand to his side for a second time.

Correction: This was stated before & corrected. You 1st see Vader lowering his arm (looking down at him), then it switches to a frontal view as he continues to lower his arm. He's not repeating the same action. It's just a continuation of showing him lower his arm.

Corrected entry: In the hangar in the rebel base on Hoth, Solo talks to Chewbacca, and he replies to Solo in his "language," waving a welding device. In the next shot the camera is on Solo again and then back on Chewie, but now the welding rod is circa half its original length, even though no welding took place meanwhile. (00:04:30)

Correction: Who's to say that Chewie didn't pick up a different tool when they were showing Han talk to Chewie? It would only take a second and you don't see all the tools Chewies has with him. It's plausible he took a second to pick up a different one outside of camera view.

Corrected entry: On Hoth, in the scene where Luke is getting ready to get in his X-wing and Han is working on top of the Millennium Falcon, Han stops to talk to Luke and asks him if he is OK. There is a small droid that approaches from the right that Han stops to speak to. In the next shot of Han, the droid in the background is moving from right to left and you can see vertical cables being used to move the droid.

Correction: Unless this was fixed in the DVD release, you can't see any cables pulling the droid. I looked at it several times, and couldn't see anything pulling it.

Corrected entry: When Captain Needa is killed by Darth Vader after he loses track of the Millennium Falcon, he dies with his hand clutching his throat. But when two Imperial Guards go to pick up the dead body, Captain Needa's hand has moved from his throat to his side.

Correction: As Needa falls, his right hand drifts from his neck to his chest. It is picked up there by the deck crew.


Corrected entry: During the Battle of Hoth, some of the Rebels fall down without being shot.

Correction: They could be tripping over their own feet, after all they are running for their lives.


Corrected entry: When Luke is sucked out of the shattered window, more of the window is broken than in the previous shot of the window. If something hit the window and broke it in the meantime, we should have heard it.

Correction: It's a broken window. Pieces could have dislodged and broke off (off-camera) by the force of the wind. We wouldn't have necessarily heard it over the roar of air rushing into the shaft.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the first transport leaves Hoth, the ion cannon fires four shots quite rapidly. However there are only two of the shots that take down the Imperial Cruiser.


Correction: Here's the precise sequence: 1)The ion cannon fires two shots. 2)Two bolts fly past the transport with a third coming from the planet. 3)Reverse angle of the transport, two bolts fly past the transport and head to the star destroyer. 4)A closeup shot of the star destroyer taking two hits. It's unclear whether the bolts flying past the transport in shot 3 are intended to be the same bolts that flew past in shot 2 from a different angle (a common filmmaking practice) or an additional 2 shots. Regardless, the ion cannon may have simply missed some of its shots. The sequence can be reviewed here: (Time: 04:47-05:01).

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: It seems that during the Luke/Vader duel in the carbon freeze chamber, immediately after Luke blasts Vader with steam, and again immediately after Luke kicks Vader down the stairs, you can hear David Prowse's voice through the mask instead of that of James Earl Jones.


Correction: That it "seems" to be someone else's voice is not a mistake, it's an assumption. Even if it were Prowse who made the grunts you're referring to(which hardly qualify as a voice), there are lots of things that go into recording and mixing sound. For instance, I highly doubt Vader's breathing is James Earl Jones's own breathing. This is no more a mistake than Vader's voice sounding like James Earl Jones when there's someone else in the costume.

JC Fernandez

Correction: This needs more details. In which shot is it transparent? Which part of the ship? The only transparent portion I see is the gigantic bay window they stand in front of just before the credits.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Han, Leia and Chewbacca are walking through Cloud City with Lando, when they come around a corner, Lobot (Lando's aide, with "headphones" on his head) walks off to the left. When the stormtroopers enter to cut off their escape, Lobot is back, but he enters from the right.

Correction: He can only be seen from behind when he walks off to the left, so it's only an assumption that it's Lobot and not some other Cloud City operator.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the Falcon hides behind the star destroyer, Captain Needa says he will go and apologise to Vader. But when Vader "accepts his apology," he addresses him as Admiral, which of course is an entirely separate rank.

Correction: No he doesn't, he clearly says "Apology accepted, Captain Needa" immediately after killing him. He then talks to Piett, who he correctly addresses as Admiral.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Luke and Darth Vader are fighting and Darth Vader is hurling things at Luke, one thing he throws flies through the window and makes a giant hole. However, when Luke gets sucked out, the hole is twice as big even though nothing else went through it.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: There is clearly a vacuum (or at least drastically reduced air pressure) on the other side of the window. The suction created by the pressure differential could have easily sucked more of the broken window out.


Corrected entry: When Luke screams in pain after Vader cuts off his hand, you can see that the sleeve of his shirt goes a little past the stump, which is impossible, given that his hand was severed only a moment ago. (01:45:55)

Correction: Not really. Luke pulls his arm back immediately, which forces his sleeve further down his arm.

Corrected entry: When the canopy on the snow speeders is coming down, there's a whirring sound as if there is a motor closing it, but it's actually the gunner pulling on two handles that's closing them.

Correction: The whirring sound comes from the mechanism that keeps the canopy from simply falling down.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the shot immediately before the AT-AT destroys the shield generator, we see many rebels running from this particular AT. It shoots at one of them, and despite the fact the lasers completely misses him, he falls and dies anyway (best seen in slow-mo).

Correction: How do we know he's dead? He was likely just rocked by the energy expelled from the shot hitting a surface.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Han, Leia, Chewbacca and Lando are walking through cloud city, Leia is between Han and Lando, and after they round a corner, Han and Lando switch places.

Correction: This is a duplicated entry.

Corrected entry: When Han is evading the Empire and is parked on Veers' star destroyer, the apparent reason they cannot be detected is because the Imperial sensors have a minimum range. However, when we see the point of view from inside the Falcon, there are several more star destroyers hovering around the vicinity. Certainly one of them could have detected the Falcon, or at least seen it blatantly sitting on another star destroyer. (01:14:25)

Correction: That depends entirely on how the Imperial sensors work. Since Han was able to use this tactic, it is most likely that the sensors were searching for a smaller ship and that when attached, the Falcon registers as simply a part of the destroyer. And there is no specific reason why the personnel on the other destroyers would fix their eyes on the bridge of another destroyer, as they have complete confidence in their technology, and because the Falcon did appear to be jumping into hyperspace. Furthermore, the destroyer is not commanded by General Veers (who, as an Army officer would not command a star ship anyway), but by Captain Needa.


Other mistake: When in the cave, Leia falls and is caught by Han. She tells him that "being held by you isn't quite enough to get me excited." As she is saying this you can see Harrison Ford mouthing her exact words. (00:44:05)

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Luke: All right, I'll give it a try.
Yoda: No. Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.

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Trivia: When Billy Dee Williams (Lando) picked up his daughter from elementary school after the film's release, kids would run up to Williams and say "You betrayed Han Solo!"

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Chosen answer: He "searched his feelings" as Vader instructed; he reached out with the Force and felt the truth of the statement.

Phixius Premium member

Answer: The vision Luke sees in the cave on Dagobah is a clue to this. Luke is realizing he has a lot more in common with Darth Vader than the idealized father he'd always imagined. When Vader tells him he's his father, Luke doesn't want to believe it, but he simply can't deny that it feels much more true that his father would be someone passionate and reckless like himself rather than someone who exemplifies a noble Jedi, which feels like an obvious myth in hindsight.


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