Leave It to Beaver

Corrected entry: In the scene where The "Beaver" is putting on his football uniform in the locker room, his 21 jersey is either on inside-out, or the film is reversed. When he appears on the field in the next scene, his 21 jersey is on correctly.

Correction: That's because in the locker room, the view is of Beaver looking at himself in the mirror, so his image is reversed.

Continuity mistake: when the kids are telling Beaver that he has to climb into the teacup, the kid with the heabands hair keeps changing. In one shot, it's hanging over the headband, and in the next the headband is in front over the hair, and it keeps going back and forth.

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Gilbert Bates: Yo, I'm Gilbert. This summer, my parents shipped me off to camp. I caught impetigo. And when I got back, my dad had moved out. Only since then he moved back, but he's still sleepin' in my room and he's sleeping on the couch.

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