The Perfect Score
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Francesca: You look like a slut. I like it.

Anna: Okay, hypothetical situation: You're driving, it's late, you get to a red light in the middle of nowhere. Do you run the light? You see? You don't. You wait. Because a victimless crime is still a crime. It isn't worth it.
Kyle: Maybe it is. Maybe I run it. It depends.
Anna: On what?
Kyle: Am I trying to get somewhere important?

Roy: Francesca Curtis. Talk about your forbidden fruit.

Desmond's Mother: You're a smart boy, Roy, but there's a lot of dumb dribbling out of your mouth right now.

Anna: I've never done anything. I've never broken curfew, or cut class... Or made out on a rooftop.

Larry: I don't live at home, I live above the garage. It's a whole separate dwelling... I've got my own phone line.

Anna: Why do you smoke pot?
Roy: Something to do.

Continuity mistake: Right between Kyle's speech and introduction of the plan at Larry's, Roy switches from holding his arms at his sides in a shot on Desmond to crossing them in the wide shot. (00:40:05)


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