The Perfect Score

Continuity mistake: In Desmond's car, Roy puts on his left sock first, then crosses his right foot over his lap. The shot switches behind him and he is putting his left knee up into the frame. The angle changes again and he puts the sock on his crossed right foot. (00:34:15)


Continuity mistake: Right between Kyle's speech and introduction of the plan at Larry's, Roy switches from holding his arms at his sides in a shot on Desmond to crossing them in the wide shot. (00:40:05)


Continuity mistake: Matt's face is brightly lit when he, Kyle, and Francesca are pinned against the wall of room 510 waiting for the guard to pass. He is almost completely shadowed when they break apart. (00:51:10)


Continuity mistake: While Matt is telling Francesca about why he wants to be with Sandy, in the background Francesca can be seen turning to her right. The camera comes back to her and she is facing left again. (00:44:35)


Continuity mistake: Kyle and Matt push their pins most of the way into the map. After everyone else follows suit, the closing zoom shows that all the pins are sticking out enough to cast a shadow of the metal pin under the grip. (00:43:10)


Plot hole: When the students are breaking into ETS, they take great care to avoid the security cameras in the lobby; donning masks, crawling on the ground, etc. Yet a bit later, two of them go back to guard the same lobby, they are seen walking around and sitting on the desk that they so carefully crawled past earlier.


Continuity mistake: At Wine Tasting Tuesday, Larry switches from sniffing the wine just under his nose to holding it in front of his chest. (00:35:10)


Factual error: At the beginning of the movie, the narrator states that the lowest possible SAT score is 500. In reality, the lowest score at the time of filming was 400 (200 on each section).

Continuity mistake: As Roy is dealing with the password, there is a shot on the brightly-lit framed picture on the desk. A few shots later, with Desmond, Matt, and Anna in the background, the glass on the picture is shadowed or broken. (00:59:10)


Factual error: Darius says that he could ace the math section and still not achieve a 900. However, the maximum one can score on a section is 800 and the minimum is 200. For two sections, this means that he could get a 700 math and still scrape through with a 900.

Larry: I don't live at home, I live above the garage. It's a whole separate dwelling... I've got my own phone line.

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