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Correction: The film is right and you are wrong. When Lugosi died, Wood replaced him with Tom Mason, his wife's chirpractor.

Corrected entry: In the movie, Dolores finds out that Ed is a transvestite when he shows her the script for Glen or Glenda. In reality, Dolores Fuller did not find out about it until after filming for Glen or Glenda was finished.

Correction: Like almost every movie "inspired by actual events," there are always elements of the story that are at odds with reality. These are almost invariably at the writer's or director's behest, with the intent of increasing the drama of the specific scene or of the whole film. This movie is a drama, not a documentary, and should be judged for movie mistakes on that basis.

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Correction: The whole point about Ed Wood's movies is that they were considered to be almost legendarily bad - as such, people actually wanted to see them, just to find out how bad they were.


Corrected entry: The Baptist Church officials could not possibly have suggested "Plan 9" as a replacement for "Grave Robbers" in the movie title, since they could have had no idea of its context. In the script, the previous 8 plans for alien domination of the Earth had failed, leading to "Plan 9 - Resurrection of the Dead," which probably wouldn't have appealed to a couple of Baptists either.

Correction: The Baptists *are* aware of the script, they've read it by the time they come along and start asking Ed to make changes like removing grave-robbing.

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Corrected entry: Sarah Jessica Parker's portrayal of actress Dolores Fuller was wildly inaccurate, depicting her as a chain-smoking homophobe. Parker later went on a television talk show and insulted Fuller's acting talent - Fuller was quite hurt by this.

Correction: There is no error here. Choosing to highlight certain aspects of a real person and ignore others is a common practise in biopics. Whether Parker considered Fuller a good actress or not and the fact that she hurt Fuller's feelings are also irrelevant. Also, Fuller is not portrayed as a "homophobe". She merely finds the people Ed hangs out with to be weird, regardless of sexual preference.

Correction: This isn't really a mistake, as it is a fantasy sequence, not meant to be taken literally. D'Onofrio plays an idealized version of Welles, more experienced and jaded, but still vital.

Corrected entry: The crew of Bride of the Monster has to break into a warehouse to steal a fake octopus for the final scene. They're all very sneaky about it, yet the next morning, when they put the octopus back, it's in broad daylight, and they move rather casually.

Correction: They are not putting the octopus back in the morning scene, they are going into their own studio to shoot the final scenes.

Continuity mistake: At the wrap party for "Bride of the Atom," when Dolores starts screaming at Ed "These movies are TERRIBLE!" her hair is curled in ringlets that hang down to the tops of her shoulders. She then stalks out of the warehouse, and Ed follows her. When he catches up to her in the parking lot, and she tells him she is leaving him, you can clearly see that her hair is suddenly much shorter and curlier.

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Edward D. Wood, Jr.: Do you know that I've even had producers re-cut my movies?
Orson Welles: I hate when that happens.
Edward D. Wood, Jr.: And they always want to cast their buddies. It doesn't even matter if they're right for the part.
Orson Welles: Tell me about it. I'm supposed to do a thriller for Universal. They want Charlton Heston as a Mexican.

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Trivia: The film's production costs were greater than the total costs of all the films Ed Wood himself made.

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Question: Does anyone know why this is the only Tim Burton film for which Danny Elfman hasn't written the score? All I can think is that time-wise it might have clashed with Black Beauty, but I'd like to know a definite reason.

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Chosen answer: According to Tim Burton in an interview at the time, they were "taking a little vacation from each other", - he also said that he was not sure what the situation between them was, which certainly implied a falling out. Danny Elfman is a bit more open, describing what happened as "a family feud" - he says that after working on six films together in ten years, they had a bit of a creative fallout, which led to Howard Shore doing the music for Ed Wood. Afterwards, according to Elfman, they realised that they missed working together and went back to collaborating happily.

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