Easy Rider

Trivia: When Wyatt, Billy and George Hanson enter the diner, all the people in the diner were local inhabitants of that town - none of them were actors. Same for the two rednecks who shoot Wyatt and Billy from their truck, at the end of the film - they weren't actors and that was their pickup truck.

Trivia: Three of the motorcycles used throughout the film were stolen shortly before the film was finished.

Trivia: There was no full script - much of the dialogue was just made up on the spot.


Trivia: Peter Fonda originally wanted Crosby, Stills and Nash to do the soundtrack but after hearing Steppenwolfs "Born To Be Wild" he decided it belonged in the movie.


Trivia: Despite receiving prominent billing, Jack Nicholson doesn't appear until 43 minutes into the film, and has only 17 minutes of screen time.

Trivia: The New Orleans graveyard scene was filmed without a permit. You can hear the very real police cars coming to arrest the cast, sirens blaring. They got out fast.


Continuity mistake: In the early part when Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper are getting their choppers ready, the film clip was reversed. You can tell because the American flag on Fonda's jacket has the stars on the right shoulder, not the left like the rest of the movie. (00:06:10)

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Deputy: Whatcha think we oughta do with them?
Cat Man: I don't never know. But I don't think they'll make the parish line.

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Question: When George is killed by the hoodlums in the middle of the night one of them appears to be wearing a hat similar to the one worn previously by the prejudice guy in the restaurant. Are they supposed to be one and the same?

Answer: Correct: it is the same group of bigots, who has tracked them down in order to beat them.

Rooster of Doom

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