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Correction: Nicholson was stoned enough that he forgot what he was supposed to say next in his monologue. It would have ruined the scene because he hadn't yet delivered the line that Hopper was supposed to respond to. He laughs because he figured he did blow it and they'd have to start over, but look at the "don't-stop-there-say-SOMETHING" look that Director Hopper gives him just before he starts back up! To his credit, he then remembered the rest of his lines and picked it up where he had stopped, and they left it in the movie because it looked "natural."

Correction: Dennis Hopper rides a motorcycle in The Glory Stompers, released in 1967.

Corrected entry: When Peter Fonda takes off his watch, the band is shown to have a clasp on it, but when he places it on the ground it has turned into a twist-a-flex band.

Correction: I have slow played the watch scene a dozen times and there is no clasp on it. He stretches the watch band off his arm, and a close up before he throws it shows no clasp, not on my DVD.

Corrected entry: At the time the picture was made, there were helmet laws in every state they passed through except California. It seems established that a helmet is the one thing Jack Nicholson needs to join them on the trip. In an environment in which the law was champing at the bit for an excuse to bust them, it seems odd that Dennis Hopper manages to ride his bike from Arizona to Florida without a helmet.

Correction: A lot of people during that era ignored helmet laws, and since it cost more money to administer a ticket than the penalty, many police didn't bother giving a no helmet ticket, unless there was another charge, such as speeding. It's much the same way with seatbelt laws in present day. Unless there is an enforcement focus program, most officers won't issue a seatbelt ticket unless the driver is cited for another infraction. The police were more interested in giving the bikers a ticket for drug possession or something more serious than no helmet.


Corrected entry: In the scene at the hippy camp, where Wyatt and Billy are sitting against a large rock, just before accompanying the girls to the swimming hole, Billy passes a joint to Wyatt who takes a drag on it, gathers up his stuff, and walks away with the joint in his mouth. As Wyatt departs with the joint between his lips, it appears between the fingers of Billy's right hand. Billy glances at it, then stubs it out on the ground as he gets up and departs.

Richard Lannom

Correction: Billy was smoking a joint as he passed by the stage and joined Wyatt and the girl at the rock. It was in his right hand all along. He took the joint from Wyatt in his left hand.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of their ride Wyatt and Billy come to a farm where two men shoe a horse. One guy holds the obviously cold horseshoe with his hand, hammers on it, and then nails it to the hoof. If he'd just refit it because the horse had just lost it he wouldn't hammer on it, and if it were a new one he would have to heat it till it's red hot. (00:13:10)


Correction: Horse shoes are not always heated anymore, I have seen it done several times.

Sol Parker

Continuity mistake: In the early part when Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper are getting their choppers ready, the film clip was reversed. You can tell because the American flag on Fonda's jacket has the stars on the right shoulder, not the left like the rest of the movie. (00:06:10)

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Billy: You must be some important dude, man. Like, that treatment.
George Hanson: Dude? What does he mean, dude? Dude ranch?
Billy: Dude.
Captain America: Hell no. Dude means - nice guy, you know. Dude means: regular sort of person.
George Hanson: Well, you boys don't look like you're from this part of the country.

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Question: What kind of dirt bikes are they riding in the opening scene of Easy Rider? Is it Harley?

Answer: Hopper is riding something British, Triumph or BSA. Hard to tell them apart and both were real common at the time.

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