Factual error: When Ford is about to start up the Y2K bike, Ice Cube's character is giving some stats on the bike like o to 200 in ten seconds, and carbon fiber chassis, he's got it all wrong. The bike does zero to 204 in 6.1 seconds and is made of aluminum; with only carbon fiber wheels, not the chassis.

Sol Parker

Factual error: The scenes where Ford et al escape the truck stop in the racing trailer is one huge mistake. First, there is no way that they can close and latch the door from the inside. The scene shows the truck pulling away, just as they are swinging the door closed. There is no way to latch the door from the inside of the trailer, someone outside would have to latch it as seen at the roadblock.

Factual error: In the movie, both Ford and the two chicks somehow do a burnout, lift the front wheel, and spin 90 degrees, all without moving. This is impossible. A burnout happens when you lose traction, and a wheelie happens when you have too much. And the spinning is just impossible.

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