Continuity mistake: After the wild end-chase explosion, Ford is thrown in front of a bus. When you first see the bus, an old man without a beard drives, yet two shots later, it's a completely different man with a big, brown beard driving.

Continuity mistake: When Ford jumps on his y2k bike, he's not wearing sunglasses. Once the shot changes, some have appeared.

Continuity mistake: We can see the hummer jeep starting to spin in the air when it hits the "ramp". But when it lands on the Porsche it fall directly down. It should have been coming from the side and not like a brick from the sky.


Continuity mistake: When Ice Cube's tire pops on the train tracks, he falls over and the train disappears, then in the next shot it reappears.


Continuity mistake: When Henry confronts Ford and asks 'Where are my goddam bikes?', Ford is drinking a bottle of Bud and holding it in his left hand. However, when you get a closeup of Ford drinking from the bottle, he has it in his right hand. This occurs several times in the scene. (00:15:40)

Richard Holmes

Continuity mistake: Ford rides the sportscar when the truck is halted the second time. When the car breaks out through the boxes, the lower front is damaged and cracked. When the car lands and takes a U-turn to resume the escape, the lower front is now no longer damaged.

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