Torque (2004)

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Ford tries to setup Henry by bringing him, the drugs, Ice Cube and FBI together. It doesn't work out when one FBI agent is revealed as a double-agent. All hell breaks loose... Ice Cube drives around on a bike running bad guys over, an extreme biking catfight between Monet Mazur and Jamie Pressly, and Ford doing warp 10 on a super-bike chasing down Henry. He catches up, then blows up the super-bike with Henry under it. They all move to Mexico.


Continuity mistake: After the wild end-chase explosion, Ford is thrown in front of a bus. When you first see the bus, an old man without a beard drives, yet two shots later, it's a completely different man with a big, brown beard driving.

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Agent McPherson: I gave Ford a chance to tell the truth six months ago, he ran. I gave him another chance last night, he ran again. Innocent men, Henderson, don't run.

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Trivia: The bike that's silver and generic looking? It's called the Y2K, the one bike that sounds like a helicopter winding up and there at least 10 of those in the world.

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