Leprechaun 2

Revealing mistake: When we see shots of the Leprechaun inside the safe, there is much more room than when he exits.


Continuity mistake: When the Leprechaun is telling his slave who tried to run away that it was his 1000th birthday. The scene is set a very long time before the first film, but in the first film he tells the cop that he is 600 years old.

Revealing mistake: At the start of the movie where the Leprechaun makes the guy float up in the air with the gold thing around his neck, if you look up the top of the screen you can see two wires holding him up.

Other mistake: The cop says that there were six seatbelt violations, but only five people were in the car at the time it was pulled over.


Revealing mistake: When Morty dunks his head in the ice water bath, the ice cubes are not disturbed, which means that the ice is not actually in the water, but separated by a glass sheet. If they were, they would have been on the surface and they would have moved around much more than they actually did.


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