Bring It On Again

Whittier and Monica both go to California State College, both try out for the cheerleading squad, and both make it. Dean Sebastian tells the capta(Tina Hammersmith)that Whittier is future captain material. The captains best friend, Marnie, hates Whittier because everyone knows that that the future captain spot is reserved for Marnie.During Tina's party Whittier and her boyfriend Derek breakup because he's at the bottom of the social ladder. After going to a couple of practices, Whittier decides that the captin is to harsh. So her and Monica both quit.They start a team, The Renagades from the exballerinas and the exactors, and the team is horrible until they get enough practice.They take a different approach by cheering for karate clubs and croquet tournaments. They find out that only one team can represent the California State College, so they have a competition in front of the whole school, so they can decide who has the better chance of winning. During a late night Renagade practice, They get interupted by Tina and her crew. They get in a big fight and one of the Renagades gets a broken wrist. But theirs still hope when one of the members of the Stinger's Varsity Squad (Greg), who didn't quit before because he would lose his cheerleading scholarship, steps in and leaves the Stingers hangin.Then the student body and Dean Sebastian get a big surprise when the Renegades perform.


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