Bring It On Again

Continuity mistake: When Derek arrives at the house party he gets a blue drink off a tray, yet when he manages to get away from the jocks its disappeared.

cameron davies

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film, the Stingers come out to do their routine and get in position on the stage. Then the mascot comes out and does a stupid dance on the stage - but where have the cheerleaders gone? When the mascot has finished, the cheerleaders are suddenly on the stage again, ready to start their routine.

Bring It On Again mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Marni writes "BETTER" on the whiteboard, the handwriting changes between shots.

Other mistake: When Francis was talking to Whittier about violating himself, Monica and Penelope were talking at the back. They looked as if they were talking to someone, but when the varsity cheerleading squad came, there were only four of them. What happened to that person they were talking to?

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