Dude, Where's My Car?

Dude, Where's My Car? (2000)

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Corrected entry: Jesse reacts in homophobic horror when he discovers that the lapdancer is really a man, but has no qualms about kissing Chester in a later scene.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: It's probably just a shock to the system. He didn't expect to be getting a lapdance off a man.

Andy Benham Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jeff zaps Jesse and Chester with the stun gun, Jesse and Chester are wearing their special suits. When they get their clothes thrown back to them at the barn, it is their normal clothes.

Correction: Jesse and Chester changed from their special suits to their normal clothes to go to the impound to pick up their car, and are still in their normal clothes when they get to the traffic lights where Zoltan's followers surround them, and Jeff zaps them.


Corrected entry: In the car kissing scene we see on both cars what looks to be like a laser point or a red mark in the middle so they know what to follow in order to get centered.

Correction: It is not a laser point, it's actually a red traffic light. You can also see the green traffic light and then the yellow traffic light come on in a couple of shots in that scene.


Corrected entry: Chester has to complete the cube to turn it into that space ship like thing. He makes a big fuss about finishing it, but if you look at an earlier shot, in the corner of the screen, he does complete it.

Correction: In the earlier shot he only completes one side, not the whole thing.


Corrected entry: In Captain Stu's, near the end of the film, Jesse is playing air hockey with a young girl. He appears to sink the puck to win, it makes the noise and he celebrates, yet you can see the puck still on the table when the camera comes back up to his end of the table.

Correction: This is because they cut out a scene where she gives him the finger and he says, "Kids these days don't respect their elders."


Corrected entry: After Jesse and Chester leave the Kitty Cat Club, they pool their money together to buy a gift for the twins, and they only have $1.39 for a gift. Between the Chinese restaurant incident and that point, Jesse and Chester did not have a chance to spend any money, so how did they plan to pay for the take out with $1.39?

Reservoir Dog

Correction: There was another guy in the car, I am guessing they were expecting him to pay for the food.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Jesse and Chester get knocked over by 2 separate cars, the second car that hits the window brakes, and then when the long shot is showing the car driving back the windscreen is fine.

Correction: It's the headlight that shatters. If you look closely enough you can see the glass break before he gets near the windshield, at about knee-height.


Correction: I think you're right. If you watch frame by frame, the moment his left foot hits the headlight and indeed it breaks, then 4 frames later, his right shoulder plows into the wimdshield, breaking it. Yes...I see that. Then the next scene shows the car driving away with no damage. It's hard to see and frankly, I almost feel like it was a CG attempt to make it look like the windshield broke...which it does, but they show so little of it that it almost seems like an accident that they didn't anticipate on happening. I wish they would have left that in or showed truly broken because that was hilarious.

Other mistake: When Chester is taking Jacko's pipe, Nelson gets up out of his seat. When they show Jacko really really mad, you can look in the background and Nelson is sitting down. When they show him again he is out of his seat.

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Chester: Is that a barn?
Jesse: Is it red?
Chester: No.
Jesse: Then it isn't a barn!

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Trivia: After changing into the bubble wrap outfits or "interstellar jumpsuits," an alarm goes off. Jesse turns and hits Chester in the eye accidentally, and you see him fall if you watch closely.

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