Paycheck (2003)

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Ben Affleck plays Michael Jennings, a brilliant engineer. When he is hired to do a job for a man named Rethrick, he is told he will be paid nearly $90 million dollars. However, at the end of the job, he must have his memory erased of the job. Three years later, Jennings has his memory erased and goes to collect his $90 million dollars. However, instead of that, he finds an envelope with simple objects that seemingly don't connect together that he had sent to himself while he was working for Rethrick. The FBI come after him because of the job Rethrick had given him. Jennings has to find out what he was doing the past three years using the envelope and its contents.

Continuity mistake: When Michael and Shorty are having lunch after Michael is released, he empties the contents of the envelope onto the table. A bit later he puts everything back into the envelope, but the bullet remains on the table under a napkin. Later in the movie, Michael empties the envelope and the bullet is in it.

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Shorty: Say one word about this hat, and I'm outta here.

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Question: Ben Affleck first met Uma Thurman at a party just before he was offered and accepted the three year job. Surely he would have recognized her after having his memory wiped even if he could not remember any of the time they spent together.

Answer: He does recognize Rachel from the party as well as when he when he saw her at Allcom. The only things he doesn't remember are the last three years of his life since starting the project. So, while he does remember her, the three years they spent together while at Allcom are a total blank. This recognition is shown when he meets with Porter who helps him escape.

Answer: Do you remember every person you've ever talked to at a party? Didn't think so. His memory isn't restored back to perfect condition - he's still had three years to forget about details at the party. He remembers things like the origins of the deal because it was important.

Nick N.
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