Paycheck (2003)

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Ben Affleck uses the objects in the envolope to escape from Rethrick's pursuits. Uma Thurman also escapes from Rethrick's company to find Ben and help him rediscover the secrets he uncovered. They managed to sneak back into the company and Ben realizes that he had been working on a machine that can see into the future. He foresaw all the times Rethrick would try to kill him. The everyday objects in the envelope would help save his life. One item he sent to himself was microfilm hidden in the stamps on the envelope. It told the future of the world if Rethrick introduced this machine to the world. It would cause great destruction and death. Ben also used this machine to foresee his death. Hesees that he will be shot and die on the scaffolding of a tent, so he sets a clock to go off later than the moment he is to be killed. So instead of him dying, the corporate guy is saved. Ben and Uma Thurman escape together, and later on he realizes that he had in fact bought a winning lottery ticket and hid it in the bottom of the birdcage, which ended up being worth the same as the job he did would have paid.


Factual error: When Shorty is removing Jennings' memories in the beginning, the pictures shown are from a third person viewpoint. If they are his memories, shouldn't these be from Jennings' viewpoint? (00:06:40)

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Shorty: Maybe we should just find Decker.
Michael Jennings: I can't talk to Decker.
Shorty: Why not?
Michael Jennings: He had an accident.
Shorty: An accident?
Michael Jennings: Yeah, he, uh, he fell out of his bedroom window.
Shorty: He fell out of his... He fell out of his bedroom window.

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