Return to Oz

Revealing mistake: When Mombi's headless body wakes up and begins to walk towards Dorothy, you can see a black, blurry haze around her neck in two shots, where an effect was used to remove it.

Revealing mistake: When Mombi's headless body awakens and sits up, in the first two shots it is easy to notice that her body is actually simply a puppet of some sort, as the motion is not very fluid and it looks like a mannequin. Once she stands up, she becomes an actress whose head has been removed with special effects.

Revealing mistake: When Dorothy steals the key from Mombi's cabinet, as Mombi's body picks up her head to put on, you can see a small error. As Mombi lifts up her head, you can see the bottom of the cabinet warp slightly for about two frames (slow motion helps but is not needed), revealing that the actress simply had her head through a hole in the bottom of the cabinet (to make it appear severed), and her shoulders bumped into the bottom, making it shake/warp for a second.

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Mombi III: Not beautiful you understand, but you have a certain prettiness, different from my other heads. I believe I'll lock you in the tower for a few years until your head is ready. And then I'll take it.
Dorothy: I believe you will NOT!



After just meeting Tik-Tok, Dorothy winds him up, and then he bows, and raises his hat. As he bows a crewmember can clearly be seen crouched behind him.



Here are some interesting tidbits about where some of the aspects of the movie came from, which is a compilation of the books following the first. Jack Pumpkinhead, the Powder of Life, the Gump, Mombi, Ozma (Tip) and the escape off the top of the roof all come from 'The Marvelous Land of Oz'. The multiple heads angle, the Gnome King's Nick-Nack game, the chicken coop, Billina, and Tik-Tok all come from 'Ozma of Oz'. The tunnel under the Deadly Desert that Mombi uses to get to the Gnome King seems to come from 'The Emerald City Of Oz'.