Factual error: In the scene where Deliverance is showing Mark her dad's hot rod, most of what she says about it is wrong. A rebuilt special edition 428 Hemi? Fuel injection for a 727? If it is a Hemi, it's a four-twenty-SIX and a 727 is a Plymouth transmission. You cannot fuel inject one. (00:43:43)

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Suggested correction: She says "enough fuel injection for a 747"

Continuity mistake: The scene of Mark fighting on the ship, at the beginning of the film, Mark does a side 360 degree spin off the ship, in the back ground is a steel cable, right in Mark's way, yet he misses it completely, and ends up in the sea.

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Malik Brody: You pulled a whip on me? Are you out of your fucking mind? Let me tell you something - don't you ever pull A whip on A black MAN again.

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