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Corrected entry: During the Cat's fun song, the fish states that 17 of Joan's rules had been broken. However Joan only gave 5 rules, this includes Sally's single rule and "no one sets foot in the living room".

Correction: Obviously, Joan has given rules before that are expected to be followed at all times, even thought she doesn't repeat them for the kids before she leaves.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they are trying to catch Thing One and Thing Two with the oversized nets, Sally and Conrad get caught in the nets. Thing One and Thing Two then throw the dog out of the window, and it shows us the dog landing outside. When it goes back inside Sally and Conrad no longer have the nets on them.

Correction: They had time to take the nets off each other.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the cat tells the kids plans A, B, and C, a few people walking by in the background look directly at the cat, seeming slightly confused at the sight of it, but then turn their heads and keep on moving.

Movie Guy

Correction: So what's the mistake? It seems to be a perfectly natural reaction people would have to seeing a cat standing on two legs, and wearing a hat.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, when Joan first gets home, she had to rip the plastic off of her dress because Conrad got stuff all over it, the plastic stays off of the dress in the entire movie, until the end when Cat cleans it and puts it back in the closet, he puts the plastic back on.

Correction: The Cat has his machine that cleans everything.(D.I.R.T.) Therefore he could have gotten a new plastic bag for the dress.

Corrected entry: After the doorbell rings, the man says, "Kate's catering, I'm here to cater your party tonight.", and the mom lets him in. But the whole time the kids are home with only the sitter and the cat, you never the caterer again.

Correction: The caterer simply came to drop off the food and leave. That's why you never see him again.

Brad Premium member

I assumed the kids envisioned him as the Cat and his helpers as thing 1 and thing 2.

Corrected entry: When Larry is stopped by the cat (dressed as a hippie) and asked to sign the petition he displays no allergic reactions to the cat. Earlier in the film, and again further on, Larry shows signs of being allergic and even comments on it.

Correction: Previously submitted and corrected.

Brad Premium member

Corrected entry: When the fish is protesting the cat's presence, he says, "He is in violation of 17 of your mother's rules." The cat then answers the phone "City Morgue." and the fish yells "8." He should have yelled 18.

Correction: The fish did yell "18.".

Corrected entry: When The Cat said "give me five" he holds up his hand, realizes he has four fingers, and said "give me four". If you look at his fingers you can see where they taped his third and fourth fingers together to make his five fingers four fingers. It is very obvious to see that his third finger is bigger then the rest of the fingers.


Correction: Look at the original "Cat in the Hat" illustrations in the Dr. Suess book. He has one thick middle finger, two normal sized fingers on each side, and a thumb. It might look fake in the movie, but that's how it looks in the book as well.

Corrected entry: In the scene where S.L.O.W. crashes, it doesn't crash into anything, we just see it drive off screen and hear a crash. There is never anything for it to crash into.

Correction: If you look closely to the right on the screen, you see a giant anvil in the road that the S.L.O.W. crashed into.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Cat reveals the S.L.O.W. to Sally and Conrad, he takes off the "dust cover." When the S.L.O.W. underneath is revealed, Cat is moved over to the left.

Correction: It is known that the cat can appear anywhere he likes, so it would not be beyond him to of moved to the left between shots.

Corrected entry: When Larry takes the dog back to the mom, they leave town in her car only, meaning Larry would have left his car somewhere in town, and there was no reason for him to do that.

Correction: Thing 1 and Thing 2 steal Larry's car so that the Cat and the kids can drive it back, therefore, Larry had to ride with the mom to get back home.

Corrected entry: When The Cat, Conrad and Sally are running from Alec Baldwin they go in a door that has a squirrel on it and it goes to some sort of a rave party with a bunch of Cat In The Hat hats, when they leave the squirrel is on the left side of the thing they went in and not on the door.

kurt hudson

Correction: They didn't come out the same door they went into. They walked through the rave, which would mean they would come out a different door on the other side.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning, the Phunometer has four sections. They are the first one Sally gets (I forgot what it is), Control Freak, Rule Breaker and Bed Wetter. But at the end a fifth one appears, Just Right.

Correction: "Just right" is always there. When the cat has it on Sally the four sections are Just right, Rule breaker, control freak, and serial arsonist. When he has it on Conrad, the serial arsonist changes to bed wetter, as it is magical, and also a joke.

Corrected entry: When the mom's boyfriend comes to the house, he starts sneezing from the cat, but when he sees the cat in town, he doesn't sneeze at all.

Correction: This mistake is wrong in that when you're in a house with a cat in it, the allergens are in an enclosed space thus triggering the allergies much easier. But in an environment like town, the cats allergens are too far away and too dispersed to trigger a reaction.

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