Dracula (1931)


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Van Helsing: You'll die in torment if you die with innocent blood on your soul.
Renfield: God will not damn a poor lunatic's soul. He knows that the powers of evil are too great for those with weak minds.

Martin: Aren't you ashamed now? Aren't you? Spiders now, is it? Flies ain't good enough.
Renfield: Flies? Flies? Poor puny things! Who wants to eat flies?
Martin: You do, you loony.
Renfield: Not when I can get nice fat spiders.
Martin: All right, have it your own way.

Count Dracula: To die, to be really dead, that must be glorious.
Mina Seward: Why, Count Dracula.
Count Dracula: There are far worse things awaiting man than death.

Count Dracula: The spider spinning his web for the unwary fly... The blood is the life, Mr. Renfield.

Doctor Seward: But, Professor Van Helsing, modern medical science does not admit of such a creature! The vampire is a pure myth, superstition.
Van Helsing: I may be able to bring you proof that the superstition of yesterday can become the scientific reality of today.

Van Helsing: Gentlemen, we are dealing with the undead.
Scholar: Nosferatu.
Van Helsing: Yes, Nosferatu.

Renfield: I'm loyal to you Master, I 'm your slave, I didn't betray you! Oh no, don't! Don't kill me! Let me live, please! Punish me - torture me - but let me live! I can't die with all those lives on my conscience, all that blood on my hands.

John Harker: My, what a big bat.

Renfield: Rats. Rats. Rats! Thousands! Millions of them! All red blood! All these will I give you if you will obey me.

Van Helsing: What have you to do with Dracula?
Renfield: Dracula?.. I never even heard the name before.

Count Dracula: For one who has not lived even a single lifetime, you're a wise man, Van Helsing.

Count Dracula: This is very old wine. I hope you will like it.
Renfield: Aren't you drinking?
Count Dracula: I never drink... wine.

Renfield: No, no, master. I wasn't going to say anything, I told them nothing. I am loyal to you master.

Count Dracula: Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make.

Maid: He's crazy.
Martin: They're all crazy. They're all crazy except you and me. Sometimes I have my doubts about you.
Maid: Yes.

Count Dracula: I am Dracula. I bid you welcome.

Other mistake: In the scene where Renfield enters Dracula's castle, it is past midnight and on the outside, it is dark. But there is a LOT of bright light streaming through the windows into the castle, throwing well-defined shadows. (00:09:10)

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Trivia: To accommodate all sorts of viewers, the studio also made a silent version of the film (for cinemas without sound equipment) and a Spanish-speaking version (to be shown in Latin America). The Spanish version is considered a better film, because it was filmed after the English takes each day, so the Spanish director and actors would watch the English takes and decide how to improve on them.

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