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Corrected entry: Martin Pascal's index finger goes from the lid of coffee to the side of can a couple of times while yelling at Buckman. (00:18:15)

Correction: The part of the coffee can where Martin Pascals index finger is on the lid is out of frame in some of the shots, however when the frame returns to include the finger; it is in the same place as before.

Corrected entry: When the Stingray is entering the Denali's propwash, Lake informs the captain that they need to steer right. She assumes the conn, orders hard right rudder, then back 2/3rds. Right rudder in reverse would point the nose to the left, a situation they specifically wanted to avoid.

Correction: Except they're not going backwards, they're simply slowing down the sub to maneuver better.


Corrected entry: When Admiral Graham and Admiral Winslow are in Charleston harbor waiting for Commander Dodge to arrive, Admiral Graham states that he's in line for a third star. Admiral Winslow then replies that this would no longer make him outrank Graham. Admiral Winslow's uniform has three stars on it, so if Admiral Graham did receive a third star, this would mean that he wouldn't outrank Admiral Winslow but that they would both have the same rank.

Correction: Exactly - that was Winslow's point. "Oh my god! I'll no longer outrank you." He never implies Graham will outrank him.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Pascal is being made to walk the plank, Lake seems surprised that he fell onto a fishing boat. Given her position on deck, she should have seen that the boat saw moored along side.

Correction: When we see the shot from on the deck, we as an audience cannot see the tiny ship, so it would stand to reason that she couldn't either from her position. Also, she may have just arrived on deck, as she might not have necessarily been out there the whole time.


Corrected entry: When they're at the bottom of the ocean running silent, look behind Jackson. The gauge reads 17ft salt water depth to keel. That can't be if they're at the bottom. (00:48:20)

Correction: On a Balao class submarine the planes station has two depth indicators. The "shallow" goes to 160 feet and is used for fine control near the surface. The "deep" goes much deeper. When the boat is deeper than 150 feet, the "shallow" gauge is isolated and vented to prevent damage. Image at: The shallow gauge could be reading 17 feet with the boat much deeper.

Corrected entry: The main character's name is Tom Dodge, and this is maintained throughout the film. On the back of the DVD case (Australian version, not sure on other countries), the character is called John Dodge.

Correction: He remains Tom Dodge throughout the movie. It is not really a movie mistake if the distributors for Australia get the name wrong on the DvD case.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: Stan Sylvesterson is talking to Jackson about Jackson playing in a basketball game against the Army. If Jackson played basketball for the Navy, he would have been at the Academy thus making him an officer by now and not enlisted.

Correction: Being at the Academy doesn't mean he passed. There is a 30% failure and dropout rate, after all.

Corrected entry: Captain Dodge, rather than talk to Admiral Graham over the radio, won a radio call-in contest. However, a ship's radio operates on a different set of frequencies than cellular phones, which was presumably the mistake made. Besides, the radio was manufactured, presumably, for the 1958 refit - it would not have had the electronics to be carried as a cell phone conversation.

Correction: The 'radio call-in' contest is not really taking place, as shown by Dodge's statement just after the "We just won free tickets ..." was said, which is, "Nitro, you want to get me Admiral Graham now?" He is just messing with Nitro's head.

Corrected entry: When the Admirals are going over Dodge's FitRep, Admiral Graham states that Dodge received his tattoo as an ensign. However it is also stated in other scenes that it happened after the Murmansk incident three years ago. One does not go from ensign to Lt. Commander in only three years.

Correction: Commander Dodge only says that after the Mermansk brushing incident he got "a" tattoo. He could easily have more than one.


Factual error: When the submarine rises in the waters of Norfolk and you see Norfolk in the background, there is one blatant problem. There are NO mountains in Norfolk. Most of Norfolk, Virginia, is below sea level.

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Pascal: Buckman! There was a fingernail in my food, you fat-ass moron! Yesterday, it was a band-aid!
Buckman: I'm sorry, sir. The band-aid was holding the fingernail on.


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Trivia: In the scene when Lauren Holly, gives Kelsey Grammer, a kiss, her hitting her elbow was not in the original script. She really did hit her "funny bone" before walking off camera. The director had decided to keep it in the movie so they had to film an alternate shot of Grammer, laughing when it happened.

Rollin Garcia Jr

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Question: Whose picture did Dodge salute in his cabin when he said "live to fight another day"?

Answer: Dodge says "We live to fight another day, Captain." suggesting that the photo is of the previous captain of the Stingray.

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