Double Jeopardy

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5.6/10.One of those that goes with the tiring cliche of "poor woman set up by a b-word of a man."How tiring this truly is. It makes me wish that once they'd do it the other way just to show women can be devious too.That aside it's pretty OK with Tommy Lee Jones showing he can carry a movie even if the script should've been tweaked before filming.Ashley Judd comes off here more like herself than an actual character.I sometimes rooted against her as she showed this air of arrogance with a hint of superiority to those around her.If anything I laughed more than once figuring her husband set up her just to get away from her, what a whiner.The absurdity of her serving little time for murder was also ridiculous.Make the character a man he'd have done 10 years before maybe being paroled.I watch this to laugh at Ashley Judd.Pity since she was good in Kiss The Girls.


Factual error: Ashley Judd is convicted of murdering her husband for the insurance money and that would make it a first degree murder charge (first degree meaning she planned the murder). Because of that there is no way she would have been eligible for parole after just 6 or 7 years.

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Suggested correction: It's never stated that she was charged with 1st degree murder, nor that she killed her husband for the insurance money. It was only brought up in trial as motive. Nick's accident was ruled "wrongful death" and the fact she did get paroled further show she was never convicted of 1st degree murder.

And what about the phone call from prison the Libby makes to Angie, and Angie says she "was just about to call her" or she tried calling her like how the heck can you call someone in prison!?

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Question: Was Angela a part of the framing of Libby? Her living with Nick seems to either indicate that she either was or at least knew about it.

Answer: She was completely in on it from the beginning and helped Nick carry out his plan. They had been having an affair.

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