Double Jeopardy

Plot hole: Given the flimsy evidence of her husband's 'murder', (for a victim uttering his final words, he would not have been able to so state the exact coordinates of the boat). Any competent lawyer would have got her off. Also, her son Maddy then lives with daddy and his new girlfriend, aware that mummy is in prison for murdering him having visited her there. Surely he would have mentioned this to someone like his teacher etc?

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Suggested correction: After receiving the fake message, the police found her alone on the blood-covered boat with the murder weapon. That kind of evidence is hard to shake off. As for Matty, he may have visited her in prison but it's highly unlikely that he knows why she is there or even remembers at his age. Later, he reveals that his dad told him that she was dead. If she died in prison, that isn't something that he would likely want to tell teachers or classmates.


Plot hole: For a convicted murder who violated her parole and assaulted her parole officer while escaping custody Ashley Judd moves around the country and even boards airplanes with little to no problems.

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Suggested correction: She was simply careful. There's constant manhunts for much more serious felons and parolees on the lam who seem capable of moving around without getting caught.

How did she keep the gun if she flew across the country?


Factual error: Ashley Judd is convicted of murdering her husband for the insurance money and that would make it a first degree murder charge (first degree meaning she planned the murder). Because of that there is no way she would have been eligible for parole after just 6 or 7 years.

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Suggested correction: It's never stated that she was charged with 1st degree murder, nor that she killed her husband for the insurance money. It was only brought up in trial as motive. Nick's accident was ruled "wrongful death" and the fact she did get paroled further show she was never convicted of 1st degree murder.

And what about the phone call from prison the Libby makes to Angie, and Angie says she "was just about to call her" or she tried calling her like how the heck can you call someone in prison!?

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Question: How do we know that he put her in the casket?

Answer: It's rather obvious it was him. Nick lured Libby to the cemetery. He knocked her out and dragged her into the mausoleum, then paid off the kid who acted as a decoy. Nick was motivated to get rid of her (though it was implausible that he would have left her alive before putting her into the casket). There was no-one else who could or would have done that.

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