Elf (2003)

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Buddy is a human living in a world of elves. He finds out that his elf father is not his real dad, so he travels to NYC to find him. When he is there, he meets his dad, stepmom, and brother, who all think that he is crazy. When Buddy is at a department store, the manager mistakes him as one of his employees, and puts him to work. Buddy soon falls in love with Jovie, a girl working at the store. Buddy makes friends with his brother Michael, who encourages him to ask Jovie out. Meanwhile, Buddy's dad has arranged for author Miles Finch to come to his publishing company to work on a new book. Because Miles is so short, Buddy mistakes him for an elf. Miles becomes furious and fights Buddy, leaving him lying on the ground. Miles leaves the building, fuming.

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Buddy: You sit on a throne of lies!



When Buddy's brother is reading Santa's list he reads the newscaster's wish he looks and mutters something about letters meaning they were in alphabetical order. However when he is saying random names he does not turn the page and the names are NOT in alphabetical order.



Will Ferrell actually walked down Lincoln Tunnel in full costume, causing several minor accidents.