Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Sue-Ellen has just come home from work, she places her pocketbook on the kitchen island. In the next scene the secretary is going through Sue-Ellen's office and finds her pocketbook and goes through it. How can that be if Sue-Ellen brought it home with her? (01:17:15 - 01:19:35)

Continuity mistake: When Sue Ellen shoots Gus with the water gun, the pattern changes between the closeup and the long shot. (01:23:35)


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, when Kenny is leaving with his friends, the truck starts to reverse down the street. His mother looks at him from the porch with her head turned to her right. The truck backs up for about ten seconds at a decent speed as they call back and forth, but his mother keeps looking at the same point to her right instead of moving left with the truck. (00:03:30)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Sue Ellen serves cereal in the salad bowl, the milk carton moves on the table. (00:32:25)


Continuity mistake: In the scene were Caroline and her boyfriend are searching through Sue-Ellen's purse, Caroline is holding both the purse and the license with her left hand, but in the close up of the license, she is holding the license in a different position, and the purse has completely disappeared.


Continuity mistake: When Mrs. Crandell is saying goodbye to the kids, Mrs. Sturak comes outside, sits on the steps and goes to hang her walking stick on the banister. In the next shot she has moved away from the banister and has her cane in a different position. (00:05:05)

Continuity mistake: When Sue Ellen and Bryan are talking on their beach date under the pier, the water doesn't even come close to them until they kiss, when they are suddenly standing in an inch of water for the grunion fish. (00:44:55 - 00:46:15)


Continuity mistake: As Rose says goodbye to Sue Ellen at the end of the movie, Sue Ellen's hands are clasped high on her chest. Cut to behind her as Rose drives away and her arms are lowered. (01:34:10)


Continuity mistake: When Sue Ellen and Bryan are bouncing in the toy store, after he stops and she circles back, he is smiling. Cut to his face and his mouth is closed. (00:53:40)


Audio problem: When the drag queens are stealing the kids' car, Sue Ellen and Kenny look at each other and say "Liza," but both of them mouth "sh*t." This was changed to keep the movie's rating down. (00:28:40)


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Bryan: I'd respect your privacy more if you weren't so secretive.
Sue Ellen "Swell" Crandell: Well I'd tell you more if you didn't want to know so much.

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Trivia: The house in the film was actually a very nice-looking and well-kept house in a wealthy area. It was purposefully trashed and "dumbed down" to look like a run-down "poor family" house just for the film.

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Question: When Sue Ellen is shown heading to work, wouldn't she be headed into the city, since Kenny says they live in "the boonies"? But she is shown leaving the city, envying the group of teens in the car next to her, who appear to be headed to the beach (also leaving the city).

Answer: People in LA commute in all sorts of directions for work. And the freeway you see is the 405 in West LA (not the "city" - or Downtown where she worked). This freeway would not even be her direct route anyway. All just made up in the film.

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