Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead

Audio problem: When the drag queens are stealing the kids' car, Sue Ellen and Kenny look at each other and say "Liza," but both of them mouth "sh*t." This was changed to keep the movie's rating down. (00:28:40)


Audio problem: When the drag queens steal the car, Kenny yells "What are you queens doing in our car?" If you watch closely, his lips are saying "bitches" instead of "queens".

Audio problem: In the scene where Kenny places a plant on his window sill, as he handles the pot containing the plant, you can see it is made of plastic. It then falls and sounds like a clay pot breaking.

Audio problem: When Mrs. Sturak interrupts Zack and Cynthia's car date, she switches her cane to her other hand and opens the door by the window to let Cynthia out. Neither one of her hands touches the door handle, but you can hear the door handle sound.

Audio problem: In the scene where Sue Ellen goes into Kenny's room and she says "When are you going to start helping me, you lazy little punk?" She mouths "prick" but was later dubbed over. (00:44:00)

Continuity mistake: When Sue Ellen shoots Gus with the water gun, the pattern changes between the closeup and the long shot. (01:23:35)


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Bryan: I'd respect your privacy more if you weren't so secretive.
Sue Ellen "Swell" Crandell: Well I'd tell you more if you didn't want to know so much.

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Question: Who played Cynthia? Nowhere in the film credits or on-line is the character or the actress listed.

Answer: Are you sure it's Cynthia, There are two characters with similar names. Kathy played by Kimmy Robertson and Carolyn played by Jayne Brook. No one else is listed.

Cynthia was Zach's girlfriend that he used the stolen petty cash to buy a necklace for.


I was wondering the same thing! Who's the actress that played Cynthia?

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