eXistenZ (1999)

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Corrected entry: Michael has had an epidural so powerful that he loses the use of his legs, yet he can tell when Allegra sprays the small of his back - the site of the injection - with a lubricant that he detects as being cold. Not possible.

Correction: SPOILER ALERT - They are in the Existenz game at the time and nothing is real. (In fact it's more complicated than that!) If the 'real' Michael doesn't know how epidurals work in real life he might think he can feel the cold spray.

Corrected entry: The carriers that gamers use to hold their pods are actually ski boots. (00:03:45)


Correction: As the pods are obviously being marketed to be 'hip' and 'trendy' (or whatever) it would seem appropriate to have them come in a kitsch case. I happened to think this detail was quite amusing - a prediction of a possible pretentious trend of the future.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning after Allegra gets shot in the shoulder and Ted is driving her away, she has the window open but the wind is not blowing her hair around like it would naturally. (00:10:30)

Correction: It's not supposed to be natural at all - they are in the game (which is still being tested for bugs).

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, the seminar leader says the name of the VR game is spelt 'eXistenZ'. When he writes the name out on the black board he spells it 'eXistEnZ'. (00:03:15)

Correction: While the second E is formed like a capital letter rather than the curled shape of a lower case letter, it's written on scale with the other lower case letters and probably is just an idiosyncracy of the character's handwriting.


Corrected entry: When Pikul tries to pause the game and then bangs his head on the table, the supposed hardwood table 'bends' beneath his head. (00:55:55)

Correction: The table "bends" because the character is changing from one level to another. The bending is linked to the bending bed in the next scene.

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