eXistenZ (1999)

Ending / spoiler

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Allegra (Jennifer Jason Leigh) kills Ted (Jude Law) and wins the game... because the whole movie has been a game within a game. Allegra, Ted, Kiri (Ian Holm), Gas (Willem Dafoe) and everyone else seen in the movie are actually players who are a sample audience playing the game transCendenZ before the games goes out to the market. After the game and some comments/feedback by the players, Allegra and Ted kill the creator of transCendenZ.

E.G. Mine

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Ted: What happens if someone comes up here and really wants to ski?
Allegra: Come on Pikul. No one actually "skis" anymore, you know that.



At the very beginning of the film we see the Seminar Leader start to write eXistenZ on the board. We see him write the letter 'e', but then the camera changes and he starts to write the letter 'X'. Notice that the letter 'e' has changed from how he originally wrote it. Then when he finishes writing eXistanZ the camera switches position again and the writing has all changed the look again. Most noticeable by the crossing of the letter 't'. As we saw him write it, then cross portion was much higher than in the wider shot.