It Came from Outer Space

Corrected entry: An alien transforms into Russell Johnson with clothes on. Yet at various times through the movie, the aliens have to go to their victims home to get their clothes. I guess a naked Russell Johnson (the professor on Gilligan's Island) would have been too much for 1953 audiences. (The aliens in this movie were highly neurotic about their looks.)

Larry Koehn

Correction: Amusing entry but it's incorrect. The telephone linemen, Frank and George, are both wearing work coveralls over their regular clothes while working. When John climbs off the truck's ladder we see George remove his coveralls and then get into the truck carrying it. Later, the aliens we see in the guise of Frank and George are both wearing the work coveralls, while the real Frank and George are still wearing their regular clothes, which they had on under their coveralls.

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Ellen Fields: If we've been seeing things, it's because we DID see them.



Opening credits (also a few minutes in) has a fiery spaceship crashing into the camera for this was a 3D movie. What's interesting is that a mirror can be seen on the left portion of the screen just before the collision. This was apparent at the theatres and on the VHS tape release. For some reason, the DVD release has it cropped out and now the spaceship is off-centered at the beginning (fortunately the bonus material still shows it).



According to the bonus material on the DVD, the monster was used as an after thought. The director and writer thought the audience's imagination would suffice, but the higher-ups at Universal felt otherwise.