Secretary (2002)

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Lee is released from an institution, "cured" of mutilating herself. Back home with her dysfunctional family she soon starts again. She gets work as a secretary for a sadistic boss, E. Edward Gray, and falls for him. One day he spanks her and they develop a S&M relationship. One night she arrives at his house - after her alcoholic father is admitted to hospital - and after that he treats her "like a secretary". She misses the other relationship, and tries to restore it. Then he fires her. She is about to marry her fiance when she realises she loves him, and returns to his office where he tells her to sit at his desk and not move until his return. She doesn't. Her fiance and others try to talk her round but she sits there, unmoving, for days.


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Burt Holloway: You are the child of god's holy gift of life. You come from me. But you are not me. Your soul and your body are your own, and yours to do with as you wish.
Lee Holloway: [Smiles.] Thank you Daddy.



When Lee is burning her leg with the hot kettle in her bedroom, the way in which the pink towel is wrapped around her head completely changes between shots.