Secretary (2002)

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Corrected entry: When Lee goes to Mr. Grey's office to apply for a job, rain falls only in the foreground.

Correction: Rain can often be seen falling in one spot while not falling in another, all within a short distance. I myself played a stickball game in the street where the infield remained dry while the outfielders got drenched.


Corrected entry: James Spader says to Lee "You're not worried I'm gonna f*** you, are you? I'm not interested in that, not in the least. Now pull up your skirt." His mouth is initially closed and when he does move his lips they are out of sync.


Paul Andrews

Correction: On the TV edited version, the words are muted and therefore appear out of sync. However, the actual movie doesn't have this error.

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Burt Holloway: You are the child of god's holy gift of life. You come from me. But you are not me. Your soul and your body are your own, and yours to do with as you wish.
Lee Holloway: [Smiles.] Thank you Daddy.



When Lee is burning her leg with the hot kettle in her bedroom, the way in which the pink towel is wrapped around her head completely changes between shots.