Cannibal! The Musical

Trivia: The courtroom judge is played by Trey Parker's dad.

Trivia: As well the other "based on" entry, this is based on Packer's tales of the trip - tales that he would tell frequently changed in the re-telling. Also based, in large part, on Homer's "Odyssey", even including a cyclops.


Trivia: When Humphrey "translates" the "Indians", the sign language he uses translates into "Jesus Christ is dead".

Trivia: Packer's line "But that's not the way it happened!" right before cutting to the titles is an homage to the classic Star Trek episode "Court Martial." (Trey Parker says the line exactly the way Captain Kirk did.).

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Trivia: At the beginning of the song "Hang the Bastard" the prosecuting attorney asks a woman, "Won't you come to the hanging with me?" That's Matt Stone in drag.

Trivia: In the shot just before the team enters the shop. you can hear Eric Cartman singing the song "the sky is blue..." Eric Cartman is of course the creation of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of this movie.

Trivia: When Bell suggests everyone thanks the Lord for getting them across the river, you can hear Humphrey saying "Carrots and peas, carrots and peas and water chestnuts, amen." (In old silent movies, "carrots and peas", or vice versa, was usually said to give the impression of real dialog.).

Trivia: This film was loosely based on the life of Colorado's only convicted cannibal.


Trivia: The guy who played the prosecuting attorney is the only actor that was actually hired for the film. Everyone else was either a local, a fellow film student, or a family member.

Continuity mistake: In the prosecuting attorney's speech in the first courtroom scene, the judge's house of cards is no more than 2 levels high (a base level with a peak) [0:2:20]. In the close-up shot of the judge, the house of cards changes to 3 levels high (2 base levels and a peak)[0:2:35]. When the scene focuses back on the prosecuting attorney, the house is back to two levels of height[0:2:39]. (00:02:20)

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Noon: I may look tough and mean spirited, but I'm actually sensitive. An artist.
"Indian" girl: That's very interesting.
Noon: I paint. And I sculpt. With my hands...
"Indian" girl: That's very interesting too.
Noon: You have no idea what I'm saying, do you?
"Indian" girl: That's also very interesting.

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