The Rundown

Corrected entry: The fruit that so easily conks Beck out is said to be "Konlabos, with a K. The letter "K" is not used in Portuguese except in borrowed words like "Kit" and "Kaiser. They would never have spelled the name of a fruit with a "K.

Garlonuss Premium member

Correction: "Konlabos" IS a borrowed word - from Olmec, a South American dialect.

Corrected entry: Hatcher's gold mine is excavated out of what looks like reddish sandstone rock. However, gold is only found in igneous rock - usually granite (sandstone is sedimentary rock). (00:19:05)

Correction: The mine is meticulously based on photographs and film of the infamous Brazilian gold mine, "Serra Pelada", which is, as the film suggests, hell on earth. It looks precisely like the mine in the film, so what appears to be 'reddish sandstone rock', is not.

Corrected entry: When The Rock is falling down the big hill, if you pause it at just the right point you can see it's his stunt man. (00:28:05)


Correction: The requirement to pause the film invalidates this posting.

Corrected entry: The fruits Mariana gives Beck and Travis in the jungle are called "Konlabos." That is a fictional name the director made up for the fruits. They are actually eating pears put inside the fake "konlabos" shells. (01:05:30)

Nicole Sheldon

Correction: The "Konlabos" are actually cheramoya's, although they don't cause hallucinations.

Corrected entry: When they are just about to go into the room with the rocks on poles in the cave, The Rock calls Seann by his real name instead of Travis. He says, "Seann, what are you doing?"

Correction: Actually, the spoken line is "Let's go. What are you doing?" Neither "Travis" or "Seann" are in the dialogue.

Corrected entry: in the scene where she is about to drug them with the Konlabos she gives the Rock rather odd directions to get to the airfield: "Head north until you hit the road, then follow it south until you hit the airfield."

Correction: The road doesn't necessarily go straight south. In the jungle, the easiest way to get to the road and keep your bearings is to go straight north, then follow the road whichever way is more south - southeast or southwest.


Corrected entry: When Travis and Beck are falling down the hill, they jump out and the car goes in front of them. At the end of the scene, the car falls on them, but it was in front of him and shouldn't the car go faster because it weighs more?


Correction: Not really true. It was not only heavier, but also much bigger, so it would have hit a lot more trees and stuff on the way down, which would have slowed it considerably.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the beginning where Beck is sitting in his truck listening to the radio, the clock on the radio says 11:00 a.m., but outside it is dark as if it were night time.

Correction: That isn't a clock on the radio at all. He's listening to an AM station (Amplitude Modulation), at the frequency 1150 KHz (Medium Wave).

Corrected entry: When Beck is on the plane on his way to pick up Travis, Beck looks out the plane's window and notices blue duct tape on the wing. He turns to the pilot and asks him if that's duct tape. As the pilot reassures him, Beck then looks at the tape again, this time it's silver.

Correction: The tape is silver the whole time. The "blue" is actually a shadow.

Corrected entry: After Beck gets hit by the bean bags, he is seen holding a bag of frozen vegetables on his forehead, the only problem is that the one of the bean bags hits him over his right eye, but when he firsts puts the bag of vegetables on his head he presses the bag over his left eye.

Correction: If you slow motion the movie the bean bag hits him over his left eye. he has an abrasion over his right eye, but that could have come from the fight he had earlier.

Corrected entry: How did they beat the jeep down the cliff?

Correction: Beating a large object down a cliff littered with obstacles is easy. I'm more amazed that the jeep made it to the pool at all.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Rock has to unzip Sean's fly because he is handcuffed, you see him pee, then the rock gets stuck in a trap and his keys fall. Sean gets the keys and takes off his cuffs, but never zips his fly back up. When he gets caught in a trap too his fly is zipped.

Correction: If you listen closely, you can hear Sean zip up his fly after he undoes his cuffs.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they are just about to find the "Gato", Travis says "lets go for a swim". He then takes his shirt off, drops it on the ground and dives into the water. When they enter the cave he stands up and puts his shirt on again. How is this possible if he dropped it on the ground before swimming?

Correction: He ties the shirt around his waist

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