Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the movie, when Johnny Depp's eyes are removed, he talks with the boy when he's against the wall. In several shots you can see Johnny Depp's eyes through the sunglasses


Revealing mistake: When Sands shoots the waitress she dies without receiving a visible injury.



Revealing mistake: In the scene where Johnny Depp is searching Cheech Marin by the river, you can see Cheech breathing, even though he is supposedly dead from the gunshot in the scene before.

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Revealing mistake: When Antonio Banderas jumps into the Cadillac to escape from the bikers, there is a wide shot of him driving the car while being chased for a few seconds where you can very obviously tell he is not driving the car. It is a stunt double, and a very skinny one at that. In fact it almost looks like a woman.


Revealing mistake: You can see Jorge's hair move, as a hair dryer blows in his hair, right before Ajedrez rams her gun in his head.


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Revealing mistake: Watch carefully when El Mariachi says "Then I guess I have no choice but to kill you all" to Cucuy, and he fires a shot. You can see a black outline on the shirt of the guy's shirt who's hit right before sparks shoot out of the place of impact. This happens on other occasions too.


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Revealing mistake: After Carolina is shot dead her corpse breathes a little.



Revealing mistake: When the mariachi wakes up after being tranquilized by the dart, he beats a couple of guys. Then he turns around shooting a guy in his head. If you look closely you can see blood being splattered on his head from the lower right corner.


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