Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the movie, when Johnny Depp's eyes are removed, he talks with the boy when he's against the wall. In several shots you can see Johnny Depp's eyes through the sunglasses


Visible crew/equipment: At the bullfight a crew member is reflected in Sands' sunglasses in several shots.



Continuity mistake: Towards the end when the alcoholic Mariachi is about to use his guitar case as a RC car, he opens it to get the control and shuts it. A cut to a different shot shows the box open again, but then when it rolls to the truck, it is closed.


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Trivia: When Sands buys gum from the kid on the bike, he tells him, "I never want to see you again." The next time the kid shows up in the movie, Sands has had his eyes taken out.


Trivia: Danny Trejo, who played Cucuy in this film, is director's Robert Rodriguez's cousin. This might be why Trejo is in almost every film Rodriguez has made.

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T Poston

Trivia: The tag that the white dog of Mickey Rourke has says "moco." Moco was the man that killed Domino in "El Mariachi" (1992) and he always dressed in white.


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Question: In the scene where Carolina and El are chained together, they swing across the road on a power line with metal handcuffs. Wouldn't they have been fried or shocked?


Chosen answer: They would need to be touching the ground so the electrical current could complete the circuit.


Question: In the wedding scene, why is Carolina wearing two different types of shoes? One is white the other is badge and strapped another way.


Chosen answer: The wedding takes place almost immediately after they escaped from General Marquez. She did not grab a matching pair.


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